I would like to thank the whole team behind PharmaLearning for supporting us with a all the materials that they are putting together..it makes all the difference when it comes to structural revision specially the mind maps they are my favourite..one more again all your work is highly appreciated ?

Meryem AlPre Registration Pharmacist

I’ve just finished pharmacy at uni and will be starting my pre reg training in the next few months. Pleased to have come across PharmaLearning, so much of their content is FREE and easy to access. Genuine group of pharmacists with a real interest in helping others, as opposed to training providers who charge extortionate amounts of money for mediocre support! More credit should be given to the PharmaLearning team for their efforts. Thanks guys!

Thomas SimonPre Registration Pharmacist

Incredibly useful, easy to use informatics which are quick to access and get exactly to the point. They try and make stuff simple and it’s a great resource to have to hand.

Sanah MahmoodPre Registration Pharmacist